Progress Log | Arcain Game


  • Conducted light placement tests for the arcade building interior.


  • Created floor textures.
  • Designed minor detail textures.
  • Developed detailed patterns.


Arcade Machine Improvements

  • Completed design and textures for Smack-a-Shiba.
  • Completed design and textures for Stackko.
  • Completed design and textures for Super Dunks.


Developer Update:

  • Developed an algorithm for dynamic camera positions and placements to enhance the visual experience



  • Prepared Prototype Arcain brand guideline document.
  • Improved arcade building interior, game section areas, and prize shop.
  • Implemented Cinemachine into the project.


  • Determined proportions for arcade machines and characters.
  • Designed prototypes for the Arcain branding logo and thumbnails.
  • Conducted texture tests for arcade machines using the “Smack a Shiba” design.



  • Created a 3D prototype for the game machine section in the Arcain interior.
  • Implemented wall designs for added aesthetic appeal.


Arcade building interior:

  • 3D modeled prototype for the arcade building interior machine section.
  • 3D modeled prototype for the Slot Machine.


Arcade building interior:

  • 3D modeled prototypes for prize shop and arcade area sections in the arcade building interior.


Arcade building interior:

  • Designed interior prototypes sketches for Arcain Arcade building.


  • Added a billboard to the map.
  • Incorporated additional textures for Wheel of Chance.
  • Updated Shark Slam machine.
  • Implemented a camera for switching to the game state in the project.
  • Added the code to return to the roaming mode.


  • Set machine orientations.
  • Created Rollball Machine and textures.
  • Developed a prototype for Shark Slam machine.
  • Added Aztec Maze, Crazy Maze, Droball, Smackā€™a Shiba, and Super Dunk machines to the scene for visual preview.
  • Adjusted player-playable interaction for the machines based on these previews.


  • Oriented the machines.