Progress Log | Arcain Game


  • Created the prototype for the Smack’a Shiba machine.
  • Made improvements to the map.
  • Completed the prototype for the Stackko machine.


  • Redesigned the 3D model for the Droball machine.
  • Improved the roof of the Arcain map.


  • Completed texture and design work for Droball.
  • Completed texture designs for Whirl a Fish and Aztec Maze.
  • Created the prototype for the Aztec Maze.


  • Completed the coding development prototype for Droball, now in a functional version.
  • Revised the Super Dunks machine.


  • Added a prize shop to the map.


  • Completed the prototype for the Super Dunks machine.


  • Completed the prototype model for the Super Dunks machine.
  • Added textures to the Super Dunks machine.
  • Made improvements to the arcade building interior.
  • Completed floor textures.
  • Completed roof textures.


  • Added a 3D model for the leaderboard.


  • Improved proportions on the second floor.
  • Added two-way stairs.
  • Utilized empty areas in the inner section.
  • Designed prototypes for arcade machines.
  • Added models created by our Art department to the project for viewing and demo purposes.


  • Added second floor/balcony.
  • Filled inner section empty spaces.
  • Improved island layout in the arcade machine section.
  • Enhanced proportions of second-floor stairs.
  • Designed props for the casino/arcade.


  • Completed the prototype 3D model for Spin-to-win.
  • Completed texture and design for Spin-to-win.
  • Fixed a bug causing a disparity between the balls and the Aztec Maze.


  • Created objects to add to the map for design purposes.
  • Created a prototype for the Ape Attack machine.
  • Implemented realistic ball physics for the Aztec Maze game.


  • Completed designs for 7 variants of $ARC Token prototypes.
  • Completed in-game prototype designs for 2 variants of $ARC Token.