Progress Log | Arcain Game


  • Completed designs for 7 variants of $ARC Token prototypes.
  • Completed in-game prototype designs for 2 variants of $ARC Token.


  • Completed additional Arcain patterns/logos.
  • Made updates to the map without working lightings.
  • Completed textures for Cowboy Crush and Crazy-maze.
  • Implemented Snoowballer machine and textures.
  • Created prototypes for Sugar Smash, Token Buy, and Wheel of Change game machines.
  • Added a playable Aztec Maze game to the project with various enhancements, including a rotation algorithm implemented to the machine and playable balls added to the Aztec Maze machine.


  • Completed the prototype for Crazy-maze.
  • Completed the prototype for Cowboy Crush.


  • Added mechanics for the “Super Dunk” and Droball to the game.


  • Implemented a camera for the playable character, enhancing it for an immersive look. Conducted a movement test on the demo map.


  • Snoowballer Design/Textures are completed.
  • Snowballer logos are completed
  • Map Updates
  • Scripted character control mechanics, introducing a responsive and immersive control system for demo navigation through the project area.


  • Fully completed the 3D model and textures for the Droball machine.
  • Completed collider mesh for the Droball machine.
  • Completed scene and light pre-settings.
  • Created a prototype for the Snowballer 3D machine.
  • Established orientation for the Stackko machine.
  • Arcain Map Updates:


  • Created textures for the Stackko machine.


  • Improved UV lights on the map.


  • Completed UV mapping and collider setup for the Aztec Maze.


  • Added a billboard to the map.
  • Incorporated additional textures for Wheel of Chance.
  • Updated Shark Slam machine.
  • Implemented a camera for switching to the game state in the project.
  • Added the code to return to the roaming mode.


  • Set machine orientations.
  • Created Rollball Machine and textures.
  • Developed a prototype for Shark Slam machine.
  • Added Aztec Maze, Crazy Maze, Droball, Smack’a Shiba, and Super Dunk machines to the scene for visual preview.
  • Adjusted player-playable interaction for the machines based on these previews.


  • Oriented the machines.